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Horsehair pottery

ten horsehair pots horsehair pot 1 Horsehair pot 2 horsehair pot 3 horsehair pot 4 horsehair pot 5

The above is a photo of the last set of horsehair pottery made early July 2008. The only expection is the bottle on the back right which is a feather raku pot.

These horsehair pots range in height from 1 1/2" (small one on front left) to 6 1/4" (lidded jar in middle). If you mouse over some of the pots and click on them, you will open a new window that has a larger picture. The black ring around the top is actually a black raku glaze. The horse hair is the squigly lines on the white clay body. When the horse hair burns into the clay body, in some instances, the smoke from the burning raises and provides a smoke effect.


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