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History of Windblown Studio


Warm Stone Studio: 1998 - 2005

A dream took roots in 1998 when Rita started Warm Stone Studio in Nashua, New Hampshire. It grew into a successful pottery studio where local area potters could go and find a stimulating environment to create in clay.

Clay House: 2005 - 2006


The Clay House was part of the plan to relocate Warmstone Studio from New Hampshire to Western PA. Rita started Warmstone Studio in 2000 as a place to make and sell her own pottery The plan was to move the studio temporarily to the Rochester Mills area, while Rita and her husband, Fred, would design and build a larger, permanent, studio their property nearby.

The plan was to serve northern Indiana County, Jefferson County, Punxsutawney, Indiana, DuBois, Smicksburg and the near Western PA area. Rita didn't want to wait for the new studio to be finished, so they purchased a two house on Rt 119, in Marchand, and turned the first floor into a gallery and small studio.

It was a small space, but effective. It served the purpose to become know in the area before moving to the new studio 2 1/2 miles away.





Windblown Studio: Building 2005 - 2006



The building of Windblown Studio took one year, two months, and 16 days. Until the webmaster can figure out how to condense that time down to a few pictures, you can see the whole building by click on this link: building of Windblown.





Windblown Studio and beyond - 2006 - forever

Who knows where or what Rita and Fred have in mine for the future. This sections shows major events in the Windblown Studio life.

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