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Groundhog 2011 - pottery in process


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Each piece is handmade; these are not production made. No two pieces are alike. They are then allowed to dry to a 'leather hard' state so the bottom can be trimmed and handles attached. It is at this stage that we let the groundhog, Philomena, in to walk on the pots, making footprints. After trimming, the pots are left to air dry to a state called greenware. They are then fired to cone 04 to turn them into stoneware. Once bisque fired, they can then be glazed. The footprints are often lighted with a black glaze, then the main glaze is applied. The pots are then fired again at a higher temperature (cone 5) to finish the pieces.

You can see, and purchase, the finished work by attending the Punxsutawney Groundhog Souvenir sale Feb. 1 and 2 at the Pantall Hotel.

bisque pots bisque mug tray of bisque pots shot glasses ready to glaze greenware teapots greenware-teapot greeenware bowls greenware platter pots ready for glaze fireing glazed shot glasses glazed shot glasses glazed shot glasses close glazed platter close magnets - brown red and white platter bunch of colorful pots 1 colorful bunch 2


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