An open art space with a focus on clay


about us


You may contact us by phone at: 724-286-9741. If we are up to our elbows with clay, we may let the answering machine get the phone. Please leave us a message so we may call you back as soon as we can.

You may email us at: (replace the '-at-' with and '@' - we do this to reduce spam email). We set a goal to reply to all emails within one business day. We do like feedback, so please email us if you find something worth commenting on.

We actually like human interaction, so please stop by in person. Both Google maps , Bing maps, and Mapquest know of our address or click here for directions. You may want to call ahead to make sure we are there, otherwise, you may have to deal with Sue, our golden lab who watches over our pottery, Toby our watch-cat, or our attack cat, Charlie, who may purr you to sleep.

You may mail us at 596 Wulfert Road, Rochester Mills, PA 15771

Sue, golden lab, guarding pot made of snow Sue guarding Fred's snow pot

Toby, our blackand white cat, watching over the stuido Toby the watch-cat

Long haired Charlie, after attacking, takes naps in a bisque pot Attack cat, Charlie napping in a bisque pot


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